Myanmar’s submersible bridge, completed last year, is now on Google Earth

The Nant Thar Tabau bridge, completed in May 2022, has been found on Google Earth. Now, all 15 submersible bridges built by JIP in Myanmar have been reflected.

Previously, about 4 km downstream of this bridge, the local people used to fill the river with soil to cross it by car during the dry season. Recent photos do not show any landfill, indicating that the transport situation has changed since the new bridge was built. A similar case has been observed at the Teza Bridge, which was constructed in 2018.

The Sagaing region, where the Nantar Thabaw Bridge is located, is the most severely contested area between the military and the opposition, and is not easily accessible even to Myanmar people. However, JIP’s collaborators in Yangon are still observing the submersible bridges across the country and keep us informed. We hope to continue to provide information on submersible bridges in the future.