Updates on the submersible bridges completed this year and last year in rural Myanmar

The submersible bridge in the Sagaing region of northern Myanmar, for which we recently reported on the opening ceremony, has finally been completed. We were informed that DRRD (Department of Regional Road Development, Ministry of Construction, Myanmar) had successfully completed the construction work, although some of the sections they were in charge of constructing were incomplete at the time of the opening ceremony.

Before completion
After completion

The bridge in Kayin State in the south, which was completed last year, is sometimes under water, but it is not impassable for several weeks like last year. This year it seems to be working as expected, being under water only for one day at most. The bridge has become a part of the community and is used by many people.

Passing on the back of a truck
Walking through if the water is below the knees.
Guiding cars not to fall off the bridge

To what extent the water level should be allowed to pass is up to the local people’s decision, but we would like to call for caution to avoid any accidents.