Local people held an opening ceremony for the submersible bridge

On May 31, local people held an opening ceremony for a submersible bridge in Sagaing, northern Myanmar, for which we recently reported the completion of the JIP-contracted portion. The bridge opening was celebrated in a traditional way by the local monks.

Ceremony site setup on the bridge
Traditional ceremony
Crowded with many people
Homemade meals were served.
Monks attended the ceremony.
Children also joined in.

In this bridge, DRRD (Department of Regional Road Development, Ministry of Construction, Myanmar) is responsible for the construction of 56m out of the total length of the bridge of 208m. However, the bridge is not yet complete, and vehicles are not allowed to pass through. All that remains is to fill this section with soil and pave it with a simple pavement, so DRRD will complete the work as soon as possible while paying attention to the local security situation.

Temporary wooden bridge over unfinished section
Bikes can pass through.