Finally, the submersible bridge in Sagaing area has been completed over the past two years.

We have received a report from the site that the submersible bridge construction by JIP, which had been underway in northern Myanmar since the end of 2020, has finally been completed, and that the part of construction by DRRD (Department of Regional Road Development, Ministry of Construction, Myanmar) is also almost complete. The construction of this bridge has a long history, starting with the Corona disaster, and after the political upheaval in Myanmar, construction was once suspended during the rainy season and resumed at the end of 2021. For these reasons, the joy of the people involved, as well as the local people, was even greater.

Almost completed
Temporarily under water due to rising water
Water level rises as rainy season begins
The monument installed

As the concrete is still being cured, only pedestrians and motorcycles are allowed to pass through. Even so, it seems to be of great use in the area where the water has begun to rise during the rainy season. We will keep posting further reports from the site as it will soon be open to vehicular traffic.