After overcoming many difficulties, the submersible bridge is on the way to completion.

Although the domestic situation in Myanmar is still critical, the construction of the submersible bridge in Kayin State, southern part of Myanmar, which JIP is undertaking as a project for this fiscal year, is continuing with the aim of completing in the near future, although it is slightly behind schedule.

Since the end of last year, when we started the construction, Japanese staffs were not stationed at the site in anticipation of the prolonged travel restrictions due to the coronavirus. However, even after February 1, the project is being undertaken without Japanese staff, thanks to the great efforts of the local staff and others involved.

Only 4 spans left to be constructed on the left bank side.

Viewed from the right bank, it is almost complete.

The middle of the bridge is made wide for vehicles to pass each other.

Construction is being done at night to finish before the rainy season.

Amidst the gloomy news, we hear that the local people are anxiously awaiting the completion of the bridge. Although the situation is still unpredictable, we would like to observe the situation patiently.

The construction of a submersible bridge in the Sagaing region in the north has been suspended until the next dry season in precaution against flash floods in the rainy season.