In the midst of the coup, the construction of the submersible bridges are proceeding on schedule.

While we were relieved to see the signs of the new corona being under control, we received news of a coup in Myanmar on February 1. It has been three weeks since the unexpected incident, and we have been carefully monitoring the situation there.

All the Japanese members of JIP are currently in Japan. The Myanmar staffs are in Yangon, but they are in good health and can always be contacted by e-mail. The construction sites are located in Kayin State in the south and Sagaing Region in the north, far away from the central area of Yangon and the capital Nay Pyi Taw.

At the Kayin State site, two sets of on-site pile installation machines have been installed. Even in the dry season, the water surface is still shallow and wide, so we have been constructing a pier.

The site in Sagaing area is progressing at about the same pace; some workers were wearing lungi around 2016, but this year all are wearing pants and many are wearing signage vests.

Despite the uncertainty of the future, the local people are eagerly awaiting the completion of the bridges. We would like to continue the construction work with safety first in our minds.