Comparing the before and after photos of the submersible bridge construction with fixed-point photos.

More than a year after its completion, the photos of the Takin Bridge in the middle of the second rainy season were sent to us by the Minister of Construction of the Magway Region Government of Myanmar.

Comparing these photos with those taken at roughly the same spot during a preliminary survey in June 2017, we can see that not only the bridge but also the living landscape has changed dramatically.



In addition to easier access to schools and hospitals, the ability to stably ship agricultural products to the cities seems to have helped improve the quality of life. There are many rural areas that suffer from poverty problems. We hope that the construction of the submergible bridge will become a clue to the solution.

Finally…watch the cows cross the river. It’s so pretty to see the mother cow looking back and forth as her baby cow struggles to swim.