Finally, the construction of the 2020 submergible bridge has begun!

Due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus in Myanmar, our staff from Japan has not been able to travel to Myanmar yet, but with the cooperation of local staff, construction companies and government officials, we have started the construction of the submergible bridge.

The location and height of the bridge were determined in the presence of local residents and government officials at the proposed construction site of the Indo-6 Bridge in Sagaing Region, northern Myanmar.

Indo-6 bridge blueprint

※Initially, the bridge was planned to be 152m long, but due to the rainy season and the requests of the local residents, DRRD ( Department of Rural Road Development, Ministry of Construction, Myanmar) paid for 56m of the bridge and decided to construct a 208m long submergible bridge. (This is the longest bridge that JIP has constructed so far.)

A yellow flag was erected at the centerline of the bridge.

Nant Thar side
Tabaw side

White boards have been installed at the location of the bridge girder.

Nant Thar side
Tabaw side

From the fixed point photo near the start of the bridge on the Nant Thar side, we can see how the water level differs between the rainy and dry seasons.

Rainy season (August 2020)
Dry season (December 2020)

Lastly, here is a shot of the dry season last year. Because of the depth of the water even during the dry season, the residents worked together to build a pedestrian bridge and a roadway bridge, but during the rainy season, the bridges were washed away by the floods, so they had to be rebuilt every year. The construction of the submergible bridge will eliminate this burden and allow the residents to devote their efforts to their original work such as agriculture.

Pedestrian bridge built by residents (January 2020)
A roadway bridge was also built next to the pedestrian bridge. (February 2020)

From now until the end of the dry season in June, we will work closely with the local community to ensure the smooth completion of the submergible bridge.