Under the supervision of JIP, a submergible bridge built by the regional government of Myanmar with its own funding has been completed.

In order to promote the use of submergible bridges in Myanmar’s rural areas where road maintenance is lagging behind, JIP is working to educate government officials and train engineers in the surrounding areas through workshops.

In this situation, the government, which has jurisdiction over the Magway region in central Myanmar, where JIP built six submergible bridges in FY 2017-2018, requested to build a submerged bridge in FY 2019 with its own funds of 3 billion kyat (about 230 million yen).

JIP conducted a preliminary survey and after consultation with the Minister of Construction of the Magway Region Government, it was decided to construct submerged bridges in eight locations. JIP carried out the detailed design, after which the Magway Region Government outsourced the construction to the Department of Rural Road Development (DRRD) of the Ministry of Construction of the Myanmar Central Government.

The following photos show the opening ceremony of one of them, a submergible bridge built in Yenanchaung district. It is built over the river on the border between Magway and Mandalay areas.

We received a message of appreciation from Mr. Tin Nwe Oo, Minister of Construction of Magway Region Government.

I now proudly send you the photographs of one of the submersible bridges that was successfully completed in Magway Region during the fiscal year 2019-2020.

The beautiful memorial scene of the opening ceremony of the Ashae-khone Yae-zone submersible bridge in Yenangyaung Township on the 18th day of July, 2020 always makes me remember you and JIP, who brought that kind of bridges to Myanmar, especially to Magway Region, for the goods of the rural people here.

I send my deep gratitude to JIP on behalf of Magway Region Government. Our Chief Minister Dr Aung Moe Nyo always talks about your endeavors for the Myanmar people.

Best regards,
Tin Nwe Oo

Prior to the construction of the submergible bridge in the Magway region, the Minister of Construction, Tin Nwe Oo, visited Japan and inspected the submergible bridges in Kochi and other sites.

The following photos are from the welcome party held by JIP in Japan at that time. The second person from the right sitting in the front is the Minister of Construction.
(Seated in the front are, from right, JIP Vice President Asakura, Magway Regional Construction Minister, JIP President Nakao, and Magway Regional Councilor)