Shortly after celebrating the opening of the submergible bridge, floods occurred in Myanmar as the rainy season began.

The Kyar Inn Bridge, which has recently been inaugurated, has already been flooded, and the sinking of the submergible bridge has been observed.

《June 28》 Local residents and government officials gathered to celebrate the opening of the submergible bridge while wearing masks.

《July 1》 Flooding occurred. While the residents watch, the JIP submergible bridge sank under the water, but showed no signs of breaking down.

《July 2》 Half a day later, the water level dropped and the bridge was back in use.

The wooden bridge in the photo was built by the residents during the dry season and removed during the rainy season. JIP’s submergible bridges become impassable several times a year due to flooding, but thanks to the sturdy design of the foundation and the use of concrete, they are not washed away and can be reopened as soon as the flooding stops.