The remaining three submergible bridges for FY 2019 are close to completion.

Our local staff reported on the three remaining submergible bridges being constructed in Myanmar as part of the fiscal 2019 project. Construction is progressing smoothly, and the bridges will be put into service upon completion.

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, large-scale events have been banned in Myanmar, so we will not be able to hold a grand opening ceremony this year, but we hope that many people will use the facilities and that they will become a bridge of hope for a brighter future.

JIP has also started preparations for the submergible bridge construction project in FY2020. Although the future is uncertain, we would like to ask for your continued support for the development of Myanmar and other developing countries.

Hong Tone Bridge

After painting, it will be completed.

The wooden suspension bridge next to the submergible bridge is a bridge that Myanmar engineers built by themselves after seeing bridges in Japan. At first glance, the bridge looks sturdy, but it is dangerous because it can only accommodate a person and a single vehicle, and it has no foundation (it is shallow), so it can collapse if the riverbed is scraped by floods.

Shwe Khone Gyi Bridge

After painting, it will be completed.

Kyar Inn Bridge

After 18 meters of slab work, pouring concrete will complete the project.