Construction of the submersible bridge resumed after being suspended during the rainy season

We reported that one of the two submersible bridges we were constructing in Myanmar as part of our 2020 project had been successfully completed, but the other bridge, whose construction had been delayed due to political unrest in Myanmar and suspended during the rainy season, is now back under construction.

Piers built during the dry season last year

Bridge and roadway for the dry season built by the residents.

The mud stuck on the top of the piers and on the steel bars is being removed as they were submerged during the rainy season.

The formwork for pouring the concrete to build the bridge girders is being built.

The reinforcing steel used in the construction of the bridge girders was safely secured.

Thus, if the construction of a submersible bridge is delayed and the rainy season starts in the middle of the work, it is possible to wait for the next dry season and resume the work. This means that even in developing countries, where the construction period is often delayed, construction can be carried out without worry.

As last year, we will not be able to send Japanese staff to the site, but we will be in close contact with the local construction company and other stakeholders to monitor the situation and proceed with the construction carefully.