Mino Best Project Award at the REAAA Road Conference

At the 16th REAAAA Road Conference held in the Philippines from September 13 to 15, our project “Construction of Submersible bridges in rural areas in Myanmar
Construction of Submersible bridges in rural areas in Myanmar” was given the Mino Best Project Award (Category II : Community Road).

The Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia (REAAA) is an organization that promotes the improvement of road-related technologies and the implementation of projects in countries in the Asia Pacific region.
The REAAA Road Conference has been held approximately every three years since 1976, and has served as a forum for exchange among road professionals working in various countries.
The Mino Best Project Award was established in 2016 with funds contributed by Mr. Sadamu Mino, the 10th president of REAAA, and is presented to outstanding projects in the categories of high-volume roads and community roads.

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, the conference was held online this time, but it was as successful as before with many participants.

This is a video introducing our project that was broadcasted at the award ceremony. (About 5 minutes)

This is the moment when the presenter in the studio in Manila read out JIP’s name.

After that, the award speech by JIP President Nakao was broadcasted. (About 3 minutes)

These are the three other projects that were awarded at the same time. You can see the rich international flavor of the conference.

Category I : High-Volume Road

Provincial Highway No.9 Improvement Project in Taiwan

A. P. Pettarani Elevated Toll Road in Indonesia

Category II : Community Road

A National highway No. 2275 Rehabilitation Project for green and sustainable development of Thailand rural highway network

Construction of Submersible Bridges in rural areas in Myanmar

It has already been five years since the start of the project, and although unforeseen circumstances have prevented things from going as planned, we are encouraged by this award and will continue to take on further challenges. We look forward to your continued support.