The opening ceremony of the submersible bridge was celebrated by local residents. 

On July 1, the opening ceremony of the submersible bridge we constructed in Kayin State, southern Myanmar, was cerebrated by local government officials and residents. We are proud of the fact that so many people were able to attend the ceremony, which proves that the construction of the submersible bridge is an important project for them. We sincerely hope that the submerged bridge will be used by many people and contribute to the development of the region and peace.

Its official name will be Moe Nine Bridge.

Address by a local representative wearing a Kayin’s traditional costume

In the ceremony, the bridge name monument is purified with leaves wetted with holy water.

The following are before and after photos. Before the construction, the residents had built a simple bridge during the dry season and pedestrians and motorcycles could barely get through, but it would be washed away during the rainy season. After the construction, vehicles that could not pass through during the rainy season or even throughout the year can now easily come and go, bringing about a dramatic change in the traffic of the area.

Before construction (November 2020)

After construction (June 2021)

Here are videos of the bridge in actual use. Even during the dry season, it was impossible to imagine so many people and vehicles passing through at once. The submersible bridge is made of sturdy concrete, so there is no worry at all about breaking under the weight of vehicles or being swept away by floods.

Many villagers participated in the first crossing ceremony of the bridge.

Vehicles can now pass through easily throughout the year.

Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the local people who cooperated with us. We would like to ask for the continued support of all those who have supported the submersible bridge project.