Myanmar Submersible Bridge Project

What is Submersible Bridge?

Submersible bridge (also known as Low-water crossing) sinks under water during floods. But it is cheaper and easier to construct than normal bridge because it is constructed closer to the water level, which makes the size of bridge small.

Why does JIP recommend to construct submersible bridges in Myanmar?

JIP believes that submersible bridge is a key approach to the development in Myanmar. The improvement of local transportation will give the residents more opportunities for education, health care, employment and so on. Submersible bridge can be constructed with less money and time, so many local areas can have them easily. Submersible bridge project is currently supported by the grant aid from Japanese government but JIP encourages Myanmar local governments and engineers to construct roads and bridges by themselves through technical instruction by JIP.

Construction map

No.Name of BridgeRegion / StateYearLengthNote
1Yoma BridgeBago201660m
2Teza BridgeMagway201783mincluding 37m of Carvart Bridge
3Htain Linn BridgeMagway201766m
4Thuriya BridgeMagway201766m
5Thakin BridgeMagway2018178mCost of 36m of the bridge is covered by Magway regional government
6Metta BridgeMagway201876m
7Ohn war BridgeMagway201866m
8Aung Lan GGP BridgeMagway 2018
9Ywar Thar BridgeMagway 2018
10Hong Tone BridgeSagaing201956m
11Shwe Thit Khauk BridgeSagaing201966m
12Shwe Khone Gyi BridgeSagaing2019122mCost of 20m of the bridge is covered by Myanmar Government (DRRD)
13Kyar Inn BridgeKayin201956m

Explanatory material




FY2019JIP constructed 3 submersible bridges in Sagaing region and 1 in Kayin State.
FY2019JIP served as technical adviser for 9 bridges constructed by Magway regional government.
FY2018JIP constructed 5 submersible bridges in Magway region.
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Jun. 2018Biggest flood in decades occurred in Magway region, but none of JIP’s submersible bridges was damaged while many other bridges were swept away.
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May 2018Minister of Construction in Myanmar visited construction site of Teza Bridge.
FY2017JIP constructed 3 submersible bridges in Magway region.
May 2017Opening ceremony for the first submersible bridge constructed by JIP
Dec. 2016Groundbreaking ceremony for the first submersible bridge constructed by JIP
Nov. 2016JIP decided to reconstruct bridge over Itone river with the grant aid up to 3.5 million yen from Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Jun. 2016JIP submitted a repot on the reconstruction project of Itone Creek river to Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
May. 2016JIP sent a team of experts to study Itone Creek Bridge.
Sep. 2015One of JIP members who stayed in Myanmar read an article on the newspaper by chance that a small bridge in Pago region had been swept away by flood in Itone river in two consecutive years, which caused trouble for over 4,000 villagers including 100 school children.