About JIP

Japan Infrastructure Partners (JIP) is a specified non-profit organization (NPO) established in 2006 in order to improve life of people all over the world through the development of ecological and sustainable society in cooperation with stakeholders in domestic and foreign infrastructure projects.

Organization Profile

Name of organizationJapan Infrastructure Partners (JIP)
Date of establishmentFebruary 24, 2006
Number of members51 persons / 8 companies
Name of representativeTadahiko NAKAO
Scope of expertise・Highway, bridge, traffic management and control
・Flood damage mitigation, landslide prevention
・Water resources development, drainage, sewerage
・Regional and urban development planning
Office location〒101-0054 Chiyoda-insatsukaikan 603 3-2 Kandanishiki-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

Activity Categories

1.Preparation work to apply for Japanese aid

  • Collection of relevant information
  • Project scoping and development in collaboration with counterparts
  • Assistance to prepare application documents
  • Contact with agencies concerned with Japanese aid

2. Preliminary feasibility study

  • Drafting feasibility study reports for projects in collaboration with counterparts

3.Technology transfer

  • Exchange of technology with counterparts
  • Training of local engineers
  • Lecture and workshop

4.Exchange of information and promotion of friendship

  • Exchange and dissemination of relevant information
  • Exchange of views with foreign engineers staying in Japan and local engineers visiting Japan
  • Discussion with counterparts on policy and technology concerning infrastructure development