Opinion exchange meeting between young technical officials of MLIT and international students in civil engineering

On September 26 and October 11, a total of 45 international students majoring in civil engineering in Japan visited the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and held a discussion meeting with young technical staff. After having enthusiastic discussions about the situations of infrastructure construction and management in their respective countries, they enhanced their friendship in a cordial atmosphere over lunch.

The event was well received by the participants. We are planning to hold this event again next year.

I think this event is a very good opportunity to meet and learn from the officials of the ministry. Getting to know how they work and their department’s strengths and interest was very Informative. I especially appreciated that they shared not only technical stuff but also soft-side like transferring to different offices and hobbies they do to maintain their life work balance.

Doctoral degree student at the University of Tokyo from the Philippines

It was a great opportunity to meet students majoring civil engineering with different specialties. I could share deep knowledge with other students. Also, thanks to the officials, I was able to ask about the projects and future plans of MLIT. Thanks for organizing this session!

Master’s degree student at Waseda University from Korea